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Pure aluminum fanless 02 Series
  • HX-MBIPC02
  • HX-MBIPC02
  • HX-MBIPC02
  • HX-MBIPC02
2023 New fanless Industrial Mini PC DC12V Customized OEM J1900.I3.I5.I7, 4G 8G Ram Hard Disk 64G 128G 256G Optional  HX-MBIPC02 series

Host size 286mm(L)*205mm(W)*76.3mm(H)
CPU    processor Skylake,    Kabylake, Kaby Lake R I3, I5, I7, etc.
chipset Skylake,    Kabylake Express Chipset
memory    support 2*NB-DDR3/DDR4    memory slot
power    supply 1*DC_IN Support 12V/19V voltage, the inner diameter of the    DC head is 2.5MM
The power consumption of the motherboard is about    30W/60W at full load. It is recommended to use 12V7A or above power supply
display function 6th    generation integrated Intel® HD510/520 graphics controller, supports single    display, dual display copy, dual display expansion, single display under DOS
7th/8th    generation integrated Intel® HD610/620 graphics controller, support single display,    dual display copy, dual display expansion, single display under DOS
1*VGA DB15    interface Support the    highest resolution 1920*1200@60HZ
1*HDMI 1.4    interface Support 4K    resolution 4096/3840*2160@30HZ
Internet    function 1*LAN    (default) Realtek 8111H    Gigabit LAN chip, supports Wake-on-LAN and PXE diskless boot function
1*LAN_B    (optional) Intel    I219-LM Gigabit network card chip, supports wake-up on LAN and PXE diskless    boot function
1*Mini-PCIE    interface Support    WIFI/3G/4G
Hard disk    function 1*SATA1    interface Standard    SATA3.0 hard disk interface, the maximum transmission speed is 6.0 Gbps
1*SATA2    interface Standard    SATA3.0 hard disk interface, the maximum transmission speed is 6.0 Gbps
1*MSATA    interface Support    MSATA disk, support MSATA3.0
1*M.2    interface Support M.2    2280 by default, optional 2242; default SATA protocol
sound    function Integrated    Realtek ALC662 HD digital audio decoder, 6-channel high-fidelity audio    controller
1*LINE_OUT    interface Support    audio output (green)
1*MIC_IN    interface Support    microphone input (red)
USB    function 2*USB3.0    interface Standard    USB3.0 interface
4*USB2.0    interface Standard    USB2.0 interface
switch    function 1*power    switch switch    button
1*AUTO_SW    pin Hardware    control power-on pin
Other I/O COM1/COM2    interface Serial    port, default RS232, optional support RS422/RS485
COM3~COM6    interface Serial    port, support standard RS232;
1*SIM_CARD    card slot Support SIM card, need SIM card when using 3G/4G
operating    environment Working temperature: -20℃~60℃; Working humidity: 5%~95% relative humidity, non-condensing
BIOS AMI BIOS,    support power-on and start-up, scheduled start-up, remote switch machine    intelligent identification of equipment
watch dog Watchdog    programming, support hardware reset function (256 levels, 0~255 seconds)
operating    system Support    Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux, etc.

CPU specification CPU brand CPU main frequency turbo frequency CPU power consumption (W)
6 generations Celeron 3855U Dual core 1.6G   15
3955U Dual-core 2.0G   15
6th Generation I3 core 6006U Dual-core 2.0G   15
6100U Dual-core 2.3G   15
6157U Dual-core 2.4G   28
6167U Dual-core 2.7G   28
6th Generation I5 core 6200U Dual-core 2.3G 2.8G 15
6260U Dual core 1.8G 2.9G 15
6267U Dual-core 2.9G 3.3G 28
6287U Dual-core 3.1G 3.5G 28
6300U Dual-core 2.4G 3.0G 15
6360U Dual-core 2.0G 3.1G 15
6th generation I7 core 6500U Dual-core 2.5G 3.1G 15
6560U Dual-core 2.2G 3.2G 15
6567U Dual-core 3.3G 3.6G 28
6600U Dual-core 2.6G 3.4G 15
6650U Dual-core 2.2G 3.4G 15
6660U Dual-core 2.4G 3.4G 15
7 generations Celeron 3865U Dual core 1.8G   15
3965U Dual-core 2.2G   15
7th Generation I3 core 7020U Dual-core 2.3G   15
7100U Dual-core 2.4G   15
7130U Dual-core 2.7G   15
7th generation i5 core 7200U Dual-core 2.5G 3.1G 15
7260U Dual-core 2.2G 3.4G 15
7267U Dual-core 3.1G 3.5G 28
7287U Dual-core 3.3G 3.7G 28
7300U Dual-core 2.6G 3.5G 15
7360U Dual-core 2.3G 3.6G 15
7th generation i7 core 7500U Dual-core 2.7G 3.5G 15
7560U Dual-core 2.4G 3.8G 15
7567U Dual-core 3.5G 4.0G 28
7600U Dual-core 2.8G 3.9G 15
7660U Dual-core 2.5G 4.0G 15
8th Generation I3 core 8130U Dual-core 2.2G 3.4G 15
8th generation i5 core 8250U Quad-core 1.6G 3.4G 15
8350U Quad-core 1.7G 3.6G 15
8th Generation I7 core 8550U Quad-core 1.8G 4.0G 15
8650U Quad-core 1.9G 4.2G 15
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