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Bar screen series
  • HX211-CB2
  • HX211-CB2
  • HX211-CB2
  • HX211-CB2
  • HX211-CB2

21.1inch ultra wide monitor wall mount stretched stretch bar type lcd screen display




Product process

1. Adopt original industrial-grade liquid crystal glass from SAMSUNG, LG, AUO, LNNOLUX, BOE, TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics, etc., and the leading-edge LED backlight is a strong guarantee for uniform backlight, fine color and smooth display of this product;

2. Aluminum alloy or sheet metal shell, surface anodized or powder sprayed, cold-rolled steel back shell, active heat dissipation

3. Adopt military-grade built-in or external power supply, embedded design, high integration, high performance, high stability, and high scalability;

Product Features

1. The time component and subtitle component can be displayed on the video

2. Support program import and export function

3. You can control the playback of video files, such as fast forward, rewind, play the next video, etc.

4. Adding multiple static pictures to the system can automatically generate dynamic pictures, each picture can be set to a different playback time, and supports random play special effects, such as rotation, gradient, oblique, etc., which can be superimposed on the video

5. Support the real-time interception function of the computer desktop of the management server

6. Two lines of scrolling subtitles can be sent at the same time, and the font, size, word color, background color, etc. of the scrolling subtitles can be set. The background color can be transparent and can be superimposed on the video; scrolling up, down, left, and right is supported

7. You can view the terminal program playlist and schedule play arrangement through the system

8. It can monitor the execution status of the terminal after each instruction is issued, and monitor the terminal to play the screen in real time

9. Support multiple playback modes: scheduled playback, immediate insertion, loop playback

10. The system has a strict user authority management mechanism, which can be limited to each functional module, and the terminal to which the user belongs can be arbitrarily assigned, and the same terminal can be managed by multiple users at the same time

11. The management center can synchronize the clocks of each client to ensure the accuracy of program schedule execution

12. Multiple switching times can be set, such as turning on at 8 am and closing at 12 noon. Turn on at 1:00 pm, turn off at 6:00 pm, etc., the terminal opening time is controlled within 10 seconds

13. The system supports intelligent cleaning function, which can automatically clean up files that are no longer used, and can also manually clear the stored content

14. The terminal system can be upgraded remotely, and the volume of the terminal can be set remotely

15. Support remote acquisition of terminal memory usage, terminal version number, terminal volume and other information

16. Support batch export and individual export of operation logs

17. Support the statistics of the content played by the terminal, such as the statistics of the number of times played by videos, pictures, etc.

18. Support multi-level review, can review programs produced by subordinate users and issued commands Support terminal online time statistics

19. With a resend mechanism, when the network is abnormal or other abnormal conditions, the original command can be resent with one click

20. Check the network connection status and switch status of each terminal in real time, monitor its operation status and the screen being played in real time, provide playback logs, managers can directly browse and query, and the command execution status of each terminal can be checked in the log module

21. Support multi-server secondary distribution management mechanism, the terminal can be completely isolated from the primary server, no need to connect to the primary server, and forward commands and files through the secondary server

22. The real-time status of program files downloaded by the terminal can be monitored

23. Support video playback after power failure: the current video is terminated due to power failure, and the video will continue to play from the interrupted segment next time it is turned on.

24. Support file power-off resuming: power off during the download process, turn off the power, and then restart the download before continuing to download the remaining task files

25. Support timing download and support download breakpoint resume, and can control bandwidth for each terminal

26. The remote control supports VOD. A list can be generated for all programs sent to the terminal. Play on demand via remote control

27. Support video encryption to prevent malicious replacement of video files. Videos entered into the system cannot be opened by other players to prevent video files from being stolen

The terminal can be controlled by the system for instant shutdown and wake-up.


Item Specification unit Remark
Appearance configuration chip MSTAR TSUMV56 -  
physical dimension 527.04MM(L)x130MM(H)*35MM MM  
shell material Industrial-grade sheet metal shell, surface powder spraying treatment -  
weight to be determined Kg/gross weight  
screen parameters display area 527.04MM(L)X100MM(H) MM  
display resolution 1920*364 Pixel  
brightness 400 Cd/m  
contrast 1000:1 -  
Zoom 47:9 -  
Viewing angle 178/178/178/178 -  
  pixel pitch 0.55926*0.55926 mm  
display color 16.7 M/mega  
Motherboard parameters USB One USB 2.0, support multimedia playback
HDMI Support 2 HDMI 1.4b inputs, support 4K 30HZ signal input and decoding
headphone Support 1-way 3.5MM port headphone output, the power amplifier is muted after connecting the headphone, and there is no sound output at the same time
AV input Support 1 channel mini-AV input
SD card input Support SD card to play video (MP4 format)
electric Maximum power consumption ≦60 W  
Standby power consumption ≦1 W  
supply voltage 220V power supply V  
trumpet 5W/8Ω -  
working storage Operating temperature -0-50 (no condensation)  
Working humidity 20%~90% %hr  
Storage temperature -20-50  
storage humidity 10%~90% %hr  


Custom function

(1) The terminal can be connected to the camera to realize functions such as induction photo taking, video archiving, real-time monitoring, timing monitoring, etc.

(2) Support touch screen, the picture can be replaced by touch and display and zoom in and out

(3) Without streaming media, the terminal can directly support TV, camera and other AV signal input display

(4) It can be connected to a third-party system, real-time data display controls can be added to the program, and the size and position can be controlled

(5) Support data docking with other systems, such as one card, access control, touch query, teaching system, for example, the docking touch system can be set to call the touch system immediately after clicking the screen, and automatically restore to the broadcast system after an interval

(6) Human body induction system

(7) Support business expansion, such as: customer management, order management, billing strategy, order report, expense report

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