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About Us
About Us
About us
HXXK TOUCH is a manufacturer of industrial solutions and product design, a national high-tech enterprise.

Our products are widely used in the navigation field, military field, rail transit, industrial control, human-computer interaction, self-service terminals, intelligent transportation, banking systems, industrial automation, 3C electronics, new energy, medical electronics, robots, etc.

In order to serve customers with the highest quality products, by 2022, our factory has covered all industrial chain links, and currently has our own glass factory, touch screen factory, touch monitor, touch pc, box pc, motherboard factory.

HXXK TOUCH spends more than 10% of its revenue on research and development every year. The company has more than 90 core patents. Since its establishment, HXXK TOUCH's products have been favored by European and American users. These users include companies, Foxconn, Tesla, Samsung, TSMC.
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